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Men’s Tourbillon Mechanical watch

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Men’s Tourbillon Mechanical watch
A classic piece with ultra-modern details – a must-have watch for men of all ages

Finding a watch that you will instantly fall in love with is one of the greatest investments that you can do in life. History has shown that the watches, especially the ones that hold some classic detail or style, are the ones that are the most long-lasting and their price tends to rise. That is why the demand for vintage watches is extremely high and people are prepared to spend a whole lot of money without even blinking.

Every watch has its own story. But also, every man creates his story based on a certain watch. Lately, the fashion markets are so varied, that is pretty hard to find the right pick. However, men, in particular, are most commonly choosing sports watches and semi-formal ones.

The semi-formal ones are the type of watches that fit most of the styles, and they can suit men of different ages. One such watch, that is definitely a pick and absolutely worth it is the Men’s Tourbillon Mechanical watch.

From the moment that you will lay eyes on it, you will not be able to forget this watch. If there is a definition or item of how one modern yet classic watch should look like, this is it. What makes it so perfect, luxurious, and stylish is the fabulous combination between the classic and the modern.

The classic part of the watch can be seen through its leather Croco band. The utmost quality of the leather, with the sleek, yet a bit shiny finish, create a piece that is flattering and beautiful. The print itself is discreet, delivering a luxurious and fancy appearance. The second part that makes it ultra-modern is the center of the watch itself.

The silver stainless steel dominates the watch, making it look both vintage and modern. The entire base comes in a light gray shade, making the details visible and popping. The hours are marked in sapphire blue roman numbers, while the minutes come in black dots, over the numbers. Each part of the watch is filled with different circles, with different timing properties. The most dominant one is the bottom circle, which in fact, shows the skeleton and the mechanism of the watch.

This is a watch that is, with no doubt, a piece that is timeless, vintage, chic, and luxurious. You can find this watch and more luxury watches at stunny watches

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